Our Windows Will Upgrade Your Property

Trust our window contractor to enhance your property in Missoula or the Western Montana area

A beautiful window installation can increase the curb appeal of your property. Here at Gosling's, we furnish the windows you need to add value to your home. We provide windows for homeowners in the greater Missoula area. You can rest assured our window consultant will quote you exactly what you're looking for.

We have the highest rates in the industry when it comes to quality, accuracy, and value with HONEST delivery dates. We pride ourselves on delivering exactly what you ordered AND on schedule. You and/or your contractor will appreciate that we do not "Play the game" of promising a delivery date and only delivering a partial order with the remaining windows on "back order".

With our innovative engineering and manufacturing, your new windows will bring the beauty of the outdoors in, while keeping the extremes of the weather out, and all without causing you a care in the world.

Choose a window that doesn't hurt your wallet

Purchasing new windows can be a serious investment. That's why our window consultants offer windows at a variety of price points.
For those of you who are at the beginning stages of determining what you want and are interested in a ballpark figure to match your budget please continue to our budget match below, which is based upon a 3-bedroom home:

The reality is that with prices skyrocketing on all the materials in the building industry, one place you may be able to adjust you budget is with windows.


  • Tight budget -- $3K-$10K
    Product: Vinyl
    All the benefits of vinyl windows and patio doors with Sierra Pacific DNA, our vinyl new construction and replacement products offer many of the same features and design options as our premium wood products. Choose from a complete lineup of operating styles, sizes and shapes. Highest quality Vinyl windows available on the market, which are affordable and durable. High quality and high performance don't have to be high priced.

  • Medium budget -- $10K-$15K
    Product: Interior Wood-Exterior Aluminum Clad with Vinyl between
    H3® High Tech Fusion Technology windows: At the core of the H3 is our patented Fusion Technology™. It integrates three perfect materials - extruded aluminum, vinyl and wood - into one perfect window with greater energy efficiency and performance. This unique fusion results in improved energy efficiency & performance, noticeably enhanced aesthetics, an extreme seal, and easier installation.

  • High budget -- $15K-WOW!
    Product: Interior Wood with Exterior Aluminum Clad or ALL wood
    Its elegant architectural lines and interior wood make it a first choice for many architects, builders and homeowners.
    Aluminum Clad Wood: The best of both worlds, combining beautiful wood inside with low-maintenance aluminum cladding outside. Wood is select pine, or upgrade to one of eight other species.
    All-Wood: For a classic, distinctive look, our all-wood windows and patio doors offer timeless elegance with exceptional thermal performance. As with all our wood products, long-term durability is ensured by CoreGuard Plus®, a leading wood treatment against rot and insects.

No matter what your budget is, you can count on us to advise you on the right style of window. Learn more about the kinds of windows we offer.